Architecture Management

For us architecture is all about structure and the architect works with design and construction of a system and underlying components. But also with the strategy, management and governance of the system. The design and management of a system are normally based on a set of criteria and rules, based on functional and none functional requirements. Systems can be small or large, systems can be of pure technical nature or business oriented, where systems are defined more as capabilities than functions. Therefore, there are several different architectural roles with different skill sets working on different abstraction levels.
Our senior architects have different backgrounds and skill sets ranging from technical experts to high level strategic business architects. What they all have in common is the ability to take lead and to define the business needs as systems or capabilities. They all have strong understanding of technology and business and how to create the best value for the customer, helping out in answering the what, why and how questions.
We have a background in working in R&D, IT and business organizations in several different industries like Telecom, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Retailers.


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