Quality Process

Our Quality Process

We are committed to that or consultants meet and even exceeds the expectations of our customers. We strive to continuously improve our business and efforts. Our Quality process is the tool we use for this. It consists of:

  • Assignment follow up
  • Internal assignment audits and support
  • Quality metrics
  • Active competence development

Assignment follow up

Every second month we like to have a follow up meeting with the customer to assure that the consultants are performing according to what is expected. This is performed regularly in order to take necessary actions in time. The follow up meeting is a dialogue and includes a standardized form in order to gather metrics. After the assignment is closed the measures are included in the Quality Metrics of Accelerated Growth.

Internal assignment audits and support

For us it is business critical to utilize the competence and experience of our internal staff. For this purpose, we have an established audit and support group. Any of our employees can easily get in contact with them to ask questions and get support for their projects.
We also have a cluster sample where we audit our projects internally.
We are all devoted to do a professional job and to make our customers satisfied and we take pride in and love our profession. This internal handling also give us a great way to work together and develop our competence.
No time spent on internal support and audits are charged to customers but is considered as internal quality assurance and competence development

Quality metrics

The follow up of assignments are collected in a standardized form and collected. These measurements are collected in our quality metrics as KPIs in order to monitor and take actions when needed. The KPIs also are used for setting goals for our company.

Active competence development

We have regular competence development planning meetings with our employees. This in order to assure that we have a true picture of our employees’ competences prior offered to our customers. Assignment follow up, Internal audit and support and Quality metrics constitutes important building blocks in this work. Our employees are the most valuable asset for the company.