About us

Our Business idea

We are a PREMIUM consulting company. With premium, we mean:
-Employees with very high level of expertise in their field

  • Our staff can handle difficult missions

-Employees with extensive experience

  • Our staff can contribute more than what the mission requires

Thus, we create an added value for our customers

We want to see a quick and healthy growth with a long-term perspective. We want to support businesses and driving technologies/paradigm shifts, such as the ongoing digitalization, by offering skills who are very familiar with what is required for this.

This we see as Accelerated Growth.


Our business focus

We are committed to not fragment our business. We are anxious to have a tight cohesion and provide the basis for our employees to thrive and develop.
Our consulting focuses on roles in which one acts near higher management and steering groups. We have leading expertise in program management, project management, business analysis and all levels of architecture. We also offer complete tailor-made teams, task forces, where we put together several consultants in these areas to implement major changes.
Our arena is digitization. We see a continued strong demand for expertise in this long period. Smartphones, tablets, self-driving cars, IoT, etc. makes every man to become a component of a digital system. A system where data, features and communication creates a strong growth. We want to be a spearhead and obvious partner in meeting these challenges by providing advice and lead these changes. We shall monitor the paradigm shifts that occur in digitization and drive change with our customers.


Our employees

Our employees are our company’s most important asset. We believe that if we are an employer that meets their needs, they stay loyal with the company. We see it as business critical to protecting our most valuable asset.
We believe that we must offer our employees are:

  • We believe in an open and straightforward dialogue between the company and employees, and the between the employees themselves. “The door is open” apply to everyone in all situations.
  • At all times be open with all information to our employees and communicating in a respectful and objective way
  • There are times when openness collides with trade secret or privacy. On these occasions, we specify that this is the case
  • Data, such as detailed records, should be transformed into relevant information to convey what the employees need to “transparency” should be achieved in an accessible way.

Transparency takes time and effort and we are prepared to take the time and effort to it.

Good benefits

  • Good salaries and payroll system
  • Part of their pay will be awarded as a bonus when the company’s financial objectives
  • Business bonus when employees create business

Personal skills development

  • Interesting and challenging missions
  • Training


  • It is business critical for us that our employees feel a strong affinity with the company. This is a challenge because our staff spends most of his time as consultants on a second company in the exciting and challenging environment. It is a challenge that we take very seriously.

A culture adapted to people with senior professional experience and long career

  • Clear values and culture

Loyalty should be rewarded

  • Long-term loyalty is important to our business and be rewarded

We are looking for empowerment

Our culture

Our culture is characterized by

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • A desire to make a difference
  • Generosity
  • Loyalty
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Creativity
  • To be allowed to be yourself
  • To have fun

Organic growth

We believe in organic growth and meritocracy. The sum of management’s and employees ‘ competence, willingness and creativity is what creates growth. Anyone can create and drive new ideas and business. All proposals should be received with respect and interest.
Ideas must be tested and prove their viability. It is management’s job to provide the necessary support in this.

  • Are the ideas that lie within the Accelerated Growth AB´s business idea, they shall be operated within the company. The operator and creates new business should be fairly rewarded for this.
  • Are the ideas that are outside the Accelerated Growth AB´s business idea should not be fragmented operations within the company without a new subsidiary starts with its own business plan and business idea.

This is what we call organic growth.